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Genesis Fine Arts - Horses

Genesis Fine Arts bronze horse figurines are the most detailed sculpture of horses available.  We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of these pieces and guarantee that these pieces created in central Ireland will be one of the finest pieces you will find.  Each piece is special ordered direct from Ireland so please allow a couple of weeks for shipping.  Be sure to view the larger picture of these bronze horse figurines from Genesis Fine Arts.
$139.00 $174.00

Bronze figurine of a mare and newborn foal laying down. Features

$79.00 $99.00

Beautiful bronze horse sculpture of a pony lying next to her foal. It has been hand crafted with the finest detail and is a solid cast bronze figurine. Features

$89.00 $111.00

This figurine will capture any horse or pony lover's heart. Features

$99.00 $124.00

A beautiful moment is captured here in the coming together of a few unlikely friends. Features

$109.00 $136.00

A fabulous bronze horse sculpture of a young girl with her pony - it's exquisite and of the very best quality. Hand crafted in cold cast bronze in the renowned Genesis work-shops in Ireland. Features

$119.00 $149.00

A beautiful bronze sculpture of two foals together side by side. This makes the perfect gift for any horse lover in your family. Features

$149.00 $186.00

. This perfectly sculpted horses head makes the perfect award for any horse related competition. also a great gift item for the mantel or office. Features 7" tall x 5.5" wide Solid Cold Cast Bronze Hand Polished and Patina Exquisite Detailing Limited Collectors Edition

$159.00 $199.00

"The Stallion" is perfect for any proud horse lover. Features

$169.00 $211.00

Bronze figurine of two running mates. Features

$169.00 $211.00

This beautiful bronze figurine captures a loving mare and her foal resting at her feet. Features

$179.00 $224.00

This beautiful bronze horse sculpture is a solid cast bronze sculpture created by some of the best known sculptors in Ireland. It makes a perfect gift for any horse lover. Features

$189.00 $236.00

This special bookend dares to give your collection the personal touch it deserves. Features

$219.00 $274.00

If you know someone who loves horses then this is the perfect piece of home decor for them. Features

$239.00 $299.00

This lovely bronze figurine captures a beautiful moment of a new born. Features

$259.00 $324.00

A precious moment is captured in time so it can be relived. It shows the care and nursing every mother goes through to protect and help strengthen their mare. Features

$269.00 $336.00

Let everyone know you can't be tamed by showing off this fine piece of art in your home.$(document).ready(function() { $("a[rel^='prettyPhoto']").prettyPhoto({slideshow:2750, autoplay_slideshow:true});}); Features

$279.00 $349.00

Horse and Jockey bronze figurine, crossing the finish line! Features

$299.00 $374.00

The Final Furlong is a unique piece designed to capture the essence of horse racing. Features

$309.00 $386.00

The Ploughman represents the teamwork involved in farming between the horse and the farmer to acheive a successful harvest season. Features

$319.00 $399.00

This is a beautiful solid cast bronze horse sculpture depicting a chase between two horses from Genesis Fine Arts of Ireland.  Features Size: 13.5" h x  9" w Origin: Imported from Ireland Shipping:  Material: Cast Bronze  Import Time: 2-3 weeks

$329.00 $411.00

"The Blacksmith" Genesis Sculpture - 10"h x 11"w This solid bronze sculpture depicts a blacksmith shoeing a horse. It is also handcrafted and designed from Genesis Fine Arts of Ireland. Features

$329.00 $411.00

That special moment of victory adn triumph is captured in this sculpture. It displays all the joy and tribulation of winning a major race or competition. Features

$359.00 $449.00

A beautiful horse sculpture of a mare and her foal side by side. It has been hand crafted with the finest quality and detail. It is a solid cast bronze sculpture that was created by using a cold cast bronzing technique. Features