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March 31, 2015

Ruby on Rails ImageDarby Creek has decided to launch a new platform for its store.  After researching various platforms over the last 18 months, we decided to launch our new system in a hosted platform that is based on the Linux platform using the Ruby programming language and the Ruby on Rails platform.  The results appear to be nothing less than spectacular.  A new modern look and feel using a content delivery network make our site super fast and reliable.  While 95% of our current customers reside in the United States this new platform makes our store easily accessible to folks all over the world.  For years we have sold in Canada but now our European customers have a fast responsive site to shop at as well. 

The website was designed and created by Ray Huffman.  Easier to browse, high definition photography and videos and lots more. Darby Creek is close to launching its new web site with a new and exciting format.  


Our platform uses a combination of technologies including the following:
Operating System:  Linux
Primary Programming Language:  Ruby
Framework: Rails
Database:  MySQL
Other Languages: HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, jQuery
Tools:  Several 3rd Party integrated tools 

Want more information about our platform, Ray would be happy to consult with anyone interested in developing a platform similar to this.  
Just give us call and ask for Ray.

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