Darby Duck Wood Carvings

Darby Ducks are becoming very popular because of their cuteness. But now the craze is our very own re-branded "Darby Ducks". Darby Ducks are in stock and available for immediate delivery. These inexpensive ducks are cute and make an excellent home decor accessory. These are the original Darby Ducks offered by Darby Creek Trading. These are available fully clothed as "Rainy Day" Darby Ducks. These ducks come fully dressed for the weather with a bright yellow rain suit.Darby Ducks are hand carved ducks. Darby Creek Trading has the largest selection of hand carved wood ducks available that are certain to quack you up!. These Ducks ducks will quack you up! Each piece is unique because their bodies are created from bamboo roots and their heads are created from 100% teak. Just as mother nature creates each bamboo plant unique, each of our ducks are unique - with no two ever alike. We have a variety of sizes and designs including adult ducks, teenage ducks, and our adorable baby ducks. Nice Selection of sizes and styles. Please note that the pictures shown on our site are a general representation of the size and style. Since each bamboo plant is unique your Darby Duck is guaranteed to be unique and will not be identical to the ones shown. Environmentally Conscious A hardwood tree takes 60 years to replace, a bamboo takes only 60 days to replace. Since our Ducks are made primarily from bamboo roots, we are doing our share to save the environment. New! - Darby "Rainy Day" Ducks. These "Rainy Day" Darby Ducks are new to our line and are the cutest little ducks you will find.Rainy Day Bamboo & Teak Ducks In addition to the rainy day ducks, look out for our Santa's Helper ducks and Rooted ducks. Please note Darby Ducks are not DCUK ducks. DCUK is a line of similar products sold in Great Britain. While we still have a limited inventory of DCUK ducks in inventory, we have chosen to carry our own line because of quality and the ability to make them in any color.  Please note that the poses shown may vary.