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Browse our collection of Genesis Fine Art figurinesGenesis Fine Arts of Ireland creates the finest bronze figurines and sculptures available anywhere in the world.  Located in central Ireland in the town of Mullingar each piece is crafted utilizing old world techniques dating back two millenniums combined with modern casting methods to create bronze figurines unsurpassed in quality and detail. Click here to see our entire collection.  What is truly special about this art form is the detail of each piece.  The detail of Genesis Fine Art figurines can not be reproduced in the traditional lost wax method of "hot casting."  This proprietary method of cold casting 100% bronze metal powder with barium sulfate is unique to Genesis; resulting in fine art sculpture that will be enjoyed for generations to come. 

How is it made?Browse our collection of Genesis Fine Art Figurines
Each piece starts with materials of pulverized bronze metal and barium sulfate. These two are then poured into a mold and put under 100 pounds of pressure per square inch which causes a catalytic reaction that fuses the bronze metal powder together.   This patented cold cast method of casting bronze is unique to Genesis Fine Arts of Ireland. Bronze is a composite metal made from copper and tin.  Irish sculptures have been working in bronze ins the beginning of the Bronze Age over 8000 years ago.  Genesis DOES NOT use any poly resin in creating our sculptures.  Each sculpture is made with 100% bronze metal powder with a small amount barium sulfate used as a binding agent.

Limited Edition
Each of our sculptures are produced in Limited Editions and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that assures you the highest quality of Irish Bronze Art. Choose from a complete line of Bronze Figurines including Genesis,  Heredities, and the "Feelings" line of bronze figurines.

Genesis History
From humble beginnings in a garage at his home in Mullingar, founder and present day Managing Director, Mr. Anthony Collins, began what was to become an epic adventure. What started as a hobby, quickly developed; from producing the odd casting, into what has become a full time career, as he continues to explore the boundaries of his passion for art and modern day business. The product was a cold cast bronze material, developed and sculpted into figurines across a variety of themes whose inspiration was derived from the area around the lake lands of Co. Westmeath, a county soaked in tradition through the ages. In 1988 Genesis Fine Arts Limited was formed with a product offering that was hugely successful. Encouraged by the enthusiastic response, Anthony quickly developed the range, employing additional staff and methods of improved production. This, combined with the development of a brand identity and an aggressive sales plan helped Genesis to achieve its primary objective – to become one of the leading gift manufacturers in Ireland, with a brand identity capable of competing at an international level with the more established giftware marquees. Today, Genesis is in it’s 18th year and the product range has far exceeded that of years past. The company continues to search for innovative ways of bringing the traditional art of gifts and giving to customers. Themes have expanded, though never far from the grass roots of where Genesis ‘grew up’. Genesis has partnered with Darby Creek Trading to offer the largest online selection of Genesis and Heredities figurines available anywhere. 

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Special Orders
Some figurines listed on our site may not be in stock but can be special ordered direct from Genesis of Ireland.  If your order is for a special occasion and delivery date is critical, please call us before placing your order. Special ordered figurines can be delivered in just a few short weeks (1-3 weeks).


Darby Creek Trading - Official Online Genesis Dealer
As the official online dealer of Genesis Fine Art figurines and sculpture in North America, Darby Creek is able to offer the largest collection of Genesis figurines inNorth America.  We ship throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.  Click hear to see our entire collection of the truly fine art sculptures.