Information about our dried wreaths

Dried wreaths are among the most poplar of floral designs because they are classic, timeless and very cost effective, and environmentally friendly. Darby Creek wreaths are dried in the traditional manner - exposing the floral to the natural elements in a large environmentally controlled room and allowing them to age naturally. Our aging process assures that the wreath is dried to maintain maximum life to give you a very long life. See our entire collection of dried wreaths. Darby Creek and their florists have been making dried wreaths for over 10 years and have produced numerous award winning designs including designs for the Jane Seymour collection, the Smithsonian, and other nationally recognized institutions and individual designers. Not all flowers are suitable for drying, which is why we use a variety of methods to produce both dried floral wreaths, preserved floral wreaths, and a combination of dried and preserved flowers. Each of our wreaths are made by hand and each is made to order, ensuring you that you floral is delivered to you in pristine condition. Also, we are always available for any questions.