About our Wreaths

 About of Wreaths - Floral Sizes, Protection  and  Materials Used


Silk Floral. Silk flowers are artificial flowers and greenery which make a wreath or floral arrangement appear more life-like. The term “silk” is a term used by florists to describe artificial flowers used in the making of wreaths and floral arrangements and not the natural silk found in clothing. Our silk floral are made from synthetic materials going under various names such as silk floral, artificial floral, synthetic floral, and poly-resin. Today, many silk flowers are made of a polyester fabric because of cost consideration and its ability to accept dyes and glues. However, other materials are also used for making petals, leaves and stems including latex, paper, cotton, rubber, stain, sateen, poly-resin, wood, etc.  As the leading provider of floral wreaths in America, Darby Creek selects the finest silks available and each wreath is as close to Mother Nature as you will find.

 Sizes -  The sizes posted for our wreaths are based on the outside edges of the floral. As an example, a 28” wreath is the maximum measured width to the outside edge at the widest point of the wreath. It is NOT the average width or the smallest width; it is the widest measurement of the furthermost floral. Our wreaths are measured this way so you know the wreath will fit for its intended purpose. Mother Nature rarely produces a symmetrical plant and we vary the width to mimic a more natural look. Because of the design of the wreath, sizes to the outside will vary greatly within the wreath with some sections of the wreath being smaller than the maximum width. The pricing of our wreaths is based on the quantity of labor and materials used in the wreath – NOT the size of the wreath. Because each wreath is made-to-order the maximum width size can vary as much as two inches.

Listed Size may vary up to +/- 2" 

Thickness, our silk wreath vary in thickness from 4" to as much as 8" depending on the season.  Our wreaths will NOT fit between a storm door.  For a small additional charge we can make custom wreaths for inside a storm door. 

Realistic Looking – The silk floral industry has come a long way over the last twenty years. While the silk floral used is in essence a synthetic material, they look more realistic than ever before. When viewed from a few feet away, many people cannot distinguish a silk floral from the real thing. However, upon close up inspection a silk flower can never replicate Mother Nature - but comes pretty close.

Wreath Bases – Most of our wreath bases are made from grape vines grown in the eastern parts of the United States and come from Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio.  Our grapevine wreath bases are typically 14" - 18".

American Pride – We take great pride in telling you that all of our silk wreaths are designed and assembled in our studio in Powell, OH. While many of the components of are imported from the Far East, the vast majority of the cost of the wreath is based on materials, labor, packaging, and distribution costs originating in the United States.

Custom Sizes – We would be happy to quote you a price for a custom size wreath.

Packaging & Shipping – The nice thing about silk wreaths is they can take a lot of abuse during shipping and still be restored to the original state. Many times we will ship you floral wreath in a box smaller than the stated size. Once removed, simply fluff the wreath out to its intended size. If your box is damaged during shipment it is highly unlikely that your wreath is damaged because of the nature of the silk floral.


What size do I need?

Exterior Front Doors
Front outside doors are typically 36” wide and we recommend wreath sizes from 24” to 30” for your front door. This will give your wreath a nice full look.

Interior Doors
Interior doors vary in size. We recommend you measure your interior door and use the largest size available that is smaller than the width of the door.

If you have a large wall such as space over a mantel or a large entrance way, a larger wreath is much better. Typically a 30” or larger wreath is a nice size for over a mantel.

Storm Doors
Our silk wreaths designs will not fit between a storm door and a regular door.  In some cases we can design a wreath to fit between a storm door.

Protection. Any material exposed to the elements will fade and deteriorate with time. Natural dried and preserved floral will have the shortest lifetime outdoors. Silk floral will have the longest lifetime.   The more protection your floral has from the elements the longer it will keep its original beauty and color. Exposure to direct sunlight, rain, and wind will shorten its life. Well protected silk floral may last for several seasons when placed in well protected areas outdoors when protect from direct sunlight, wind, rain, and dust. Due to varying conditions we cannot guarantee how long you wreath will retain its color.

Our new designer silk wreaths are in stock now. Select from a large selection of silk floral wreath including artificial Christmas wreaths. With over 200 award winning designs, you are sure to find a wreath to fit your needs. Preserved Wreaths are made from floral that are typically dried and an agent applied to them that will preserve them for many years to come. Additionally a "brightening" agent may be applied to enhance and preserve the natural color of the original floral wreath. A preserved wreath last longest when used indoors, as outdoor exposure may subject them to damage from high heat, moisture and other elements. Additionally, the preservative agents may "leak" when used outdoors and cause discoloration to any materials in which the agent may contact. For longer life place your preserved wreath indoor away from direct sunlight and high humidity. See our entire collection of wreaths.

Dried Wreaths. Dried Wreaths are just as the name implies. The floral is placed in a controlled environment and allowed to dry naturally. The dried floral used in these wreaths will also last for many seasons and can be used safely outdoors without concern for agents leaking out of the wreaths. 

Silk Wreaths. Silk Wreaths are made from silk floral that are in essence artificially made from a variety of materials. There is a huge difference in quality between many of the manufactures of silk floral wreaths. Darby Creek Trading uses only the best available sources to be used in our silk wreaths. One of the advantages of silk wreaths over preserved wreaths is they can be hung outdoors over a protected area without having to worry about preservatives leaking. See all of our 24" door wreaths here.

Grape Vine Wreaths. Grape vine wreaths are typically use a backing material made from a woody like branches that is created into the shape of the wreath being made and the floral elements are inserted into the grape vine to give the wreath a very full appearance.

Door Wreaths. Many of our silk and dried wreaths make an excellent choice to display on your front door. When displaying your wreaths on an outside door, the life of the wreath is dependent on the exposure to the elements. We have displayed many of our seasonal wreaths for several years without issue in Ohio where we have a wide exposure to heat, cold, rain and snow. The more you protect your wreath from direct sunlight, direct rain, snow and high humidity, the longer life your wreath will have. Please note that any material exposed to direct sunlight will fade after time. A covered porch is an ideal environment for these wreaths. We do not recommend persevered wreaths for outdoor use.