Bronze Sculptures - Methods, Types and History

Bronze Sculptures, Bronze Statuary, Bronze Statues, Bronze Figurines - whatever you want to call this art medium Darby Creek offers the finest selection of these bronze pieces available anywhere. We have a large assortment of sculptures that vary in size from small table top figurines to large outdoor statuary. All of these bronze sculptures are original works of art created in limited editions. See all of our Bronze Sculpture by clicking here. Following are the various methods used in created these fine art pieces:


Lost Wax Method

There are a variety of bronze sculptures available today including from highly refined original sculptures created by the original lost wax method of casting that has been used for over 2,000 years. Basically, the original sculpture is made of wax, then a ceramic is poured over the wax to create an original mold. Once the mold hardens, the wax is melted away (thus the term lost wax.) Then hot molten bronze is poured into the mold creating the bronze sculpture. Once cooled the ceramic is chipped away and the bronze is hand finished by the artist. This is very time consuming but results in simply beautiful art.


Cold Cast Method

Over the last fifty years or so an affordable method called cold casting has made casting much more affordable, yet of a very high quality similar to the lost wax method. The cold cast method is cast from a combination of powder bronze metal and polymers that binds the bronze metal without having to resort to the time consuming method used in the lost wax method. Many of the sculptures you see today are made from this method. These are made of real bronze metal and when created correctly, rivals the lost wax statuary in beauty and detail at a much lower cost.


Faux Bronze & Resins

Over the last fifteen years or so faux bronze or resins made from various polymers and resins have come into the "faux bronze" sculpture market with varying degrees of quality. While some are very nice and made from high quality original art, there are other manufacturers that flood the market with cheap "knockoffs" that are of a very low quality. Darby Creek Trading features a few "faux bronze" pieces which are affordable yet high quality and make great gifts. Darby Creek Trading offers a variety of all of the above methods with most of the sculptures being made from the high quality lost wax method or cold cast method of creating bronze sculptures. We offer statuary of children, animals, religious, women, couples, mother and child, sports, and a host of other types of bronze sculptures. If you need more information about bronze sculptures call toll free 1-888-327-2927. Click here to see all of our bronze sculptures.