Door Wreaths - Decorative Door Wreaths

Picture of wreath on doonDoor wreaths are the perfect home decor accessory that tells your guests "Welcome to our Home." A dried, preserved or silk wreath makes for the perfect home decor accent for you front door. There are a variety of way to decorate your front door and choosing the right size door wreath is important. When selecting a decorative door wreath you have a few things to consider. Is it for use outdoors or indoors? What kind of life am I looking for? What is my budget? Where can I buy a quality wreath? How do I care for a wreath? We will try to answer these questions and more. Darby Creek has become the leading designer and creator of door wreaths in the USA. Over 200 door wreaths available for every season. Our outdoor wreaths and indoor wreaths are equally beautiful.

Outdoor Wreath or Indoor Wreath.  If you are choosing your door wreath for indoor use your selection process is much easier. Dried, preserved, and silk wreaths all perform very well when placed inside the home away from direct sunlight and high humidly. While not critical, it is best to place your door wreath away from direct air registers to protect it from excessive drying. Of course, this is not an issue with silk wreaths. We recommend that dried and natural wreaths be placed indoor only, away from sunlight and high humidity. Silk wreaths fare well outdoors and will hold up under many conditions.

What size is appropriate? The vast majority of front doors are 36" wide. A 22" - 24" inch door wreath is the perfect size for a front door. Interior doors tend to vary in size but typically they range from 28" to 32" wide. These doors can take 16"-18" wreaths and larger interior doors can take up to 22" in size.

Silk, Dry, or preserved wreath? When selecting door wreaths you need to consider how important is the longevity of the wreath. Truly fresh wreaths will last only a few days or weeks. Dried and preserved wreaths will last a very long time when used inside away from direct sunlight and humidity. Silk wreaths will last for many years indoors.

What's the best kind of wreath for outside front door? There is no good answer here. All door wreaths regardless of the type will fade when exposed to direct sunlight. It's a matter of how long they will last. We have had very good luck with front door wreaths (dried, preserved & silk) when they are placed on a covered porch. I have been using the same fall wreath each autumn for 3 years without any noticeable fading. You can not expect an exterior front door wreath to have the same life as an interior door wreath.

What about preserved wreaths on the outside front door?  Some wreaths use a preservative and coloring in the flora to maintain their use. Occasionally, when exposed to high humidify and/or direct sunlight a wreath may "leak" the preservative. Many time the leak can be simply washed off without any damage to the door but it is possible to stain the door permanently. When placing a wreath outdoor (especially on an expensive wood front door system) it is best to test the wreath by placing somewhere (on a stand, box, flower pot, etc.) for a couple of days to make sure your wreaths does not leak.