Front Door Wreaths

Front Door Wreaths come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and floral types. Selecting the perfect door wreath can sometimes be a challenge. We've put together a list of frequently asked questions regarding the selection and use of our door wreaths. Darby Creek offers the largest selection of Door Wreaths available in North America. What is special about our wreaths and that each is made to order by florists located in various locations throughout the United States.


Frequently Ask Questions About our Front Door Wreaths

How do I select sizes for your Door Wreath? Most exterior doors are 36 inches wide. For a 36 inch door a 24 inch front door wreath is an ideal size. It covers 2/3 of the wreath of the door, yet leaves 6 inches on each side that in essence frames the floral door wreath. Some doors are double doors that are less than 36" wide. Typically 2 16" wreaths works best for these types of doors. Interior doors can vary in size but if you select a wreath that is 50-75% of the width of the door, you should be fine.

Can I place my Wreath on an Interior Door? Yes, in fact this is an area that many people overlook when selecting where to place their door wreath. Wreaths on an open door leading to a dining room, study, den or even a bedroom is a great accent piece.

How do I hang my wreath on my door? The easiest way to hand a wreath is to simply purchase a small wreath hanger. These can be purchased from Darby Creek or at your local florist. See our wreath hanger here.

How do I store my wreath? The best method is to store your wreath in the box shipped by Darby Creek Trading in a cool dry area. Most modern basements today are ideal storage areas for your wreaths. If you don't have the box, simply wrap the wreath with ink free wrapping paper living the wrapping loose to allow air to flow through the wreath so it doesn't mildew.

How long will my front door wreath last outdoors? Not all wreaths can be placed outdoors and some can leak and discolor your door if placed in direct sunlight, high humidity or other environments not conducive to preserved or dyed floral wreaths. Most florists, including Darby Creek Trading will supply a warning against placing a wreath outdoors. This is because there are so many variables that can effect the wreath that it is impossible to assure you a long life. In fact, door wreaths placed outdoors in direct sunlight and high humidity will not last as long as a wreath placed on a covered porch in mild weather with low humidity. Additionally, a wreath that had dyes and preservative added can leak and stain your door. Regardless of the risk, many folks enjoy the shorten life of the wreath anyway, just as fresh flowers wither and die even a dried and preserved door wreath exposed to the elements will have a limited life. In the hundreds and thousands of wreaths shipped to date, Darby Creek has had only one incident of a wreath "leaking." Basically, you should just keep an eye on your wreath the first few days and use common sense.

How long will my door wreath last indoors? As long as your wreath is not placed in direct sunlight and high humidity environments, your wreaths should last for many seasons. Some people have place their door wreaths for many years without a problem. Typically, people get bored or simply want a change after a while and replace the wreath.