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This information directory has dozens of links about our different products and manufacturers.  Need more information about our products?  Looking for home room decor accessories?  Darby Creek Trading is the home decor source for many of your home decorating ideas and products.  The following information links give detailed descriptions of our major line of home room decor products including our complete line of art, floral products, inspirational products, and general home decor.  Darby Creek Trading will continue to update these home decor pages to give each customer as much information about the area of particular interest.  We over a large selection of home room decor products including outdoor art from weatherprints, bronze figurines from Genesis Fine Arts, and Fine Art Tapestries.  Our floral section gives lots of information about all of our wreaths including our front door wreaths, general door wreaths, decorative wreaths, fall wreaths, spring wreaths, Christmas wreaths and more.  Our inspirational information includes information about numerous prayers that we carry including the St. Francis Prayer, The Serenity Prayer, Footprints Prayer, and more.  Also, don't forget to browse our general home decor line featuring of patriotic home decor. Thank you for visiting Darby Creek Trading Company.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us or call via our toll free number listed above.



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Genesis Fine Arts - Exquisite Bronze Genesis Figurine Sculpture from Ireland
Weatherprints - Beautiful outdoor weatherproof art prints for your home room decor
Bronze Sculpture - How bronze sculpture is made
Art Terms - See definition of Photographic Art Terms
Bronze Sculpture - How bronze sculpture is made
Photographic Art Terms - See how modern photographic art is created


Floral & Wreaths

About Our Wreaths - Learn more about our sizing & materials
Fall Wreaths - Beautiful Fall wreaths with autumn colors
Spring Wreaths - Magnificent Spring wreaths to brighten the home
Summer Wreaths - Brightly colored Summer wreaths
Christmas Wreaths - Huge selection of natural & artificial Christmas wreaths

Seashell Wreaths - Display the ocean & beach with a seashell wreath
Front Door Wreaths  - Wreaths made for the front door
Decorative Wreaths - Decorative wreaths for all occasions
Door Wreaths - Indoor and Outdoor wreaths
Dried Wreaths - Dried Wreaths (how to, etc.)

Outdoor Wreaths - An outdoor wreath for you home
Unique Fall Wreaths - More than your traditional fall wreath
Funeral Wreath - Funeral wreaths with next day delivery
Artificial Christmas Wreaths - Beautiful Artificial Silk Christmas wreaths
Grapevine Wreaths - Large assortment of grapevine wreaths    


Inspirational Information

Prayer of St Francis - Canvas Art Work of Saint Francis Prayer
Prayer of St Francis - Printable Versions of Saint Francis Prayer
Serenity Prayer - Lovely Serenity Prayer on assorted medium
Pet Memorial - Stones & plaques to remember a well-loved pet
Footprints Prayer - Nice selection of the footprint prayer


Product Information

Patriotic Home Decor - Perfect for the 4th of July celebration
Hand Carved Wood Decoys - Perfect Gift for home or office
Genesis Fine Arts - Exquisite Bronze Genesis Figurine Sculpture from Ireland
Darby Ducks - Exclusive Designed and Created in the USA Decorative Ducks
DCUK Ducks - DCUK ducks have been replaced with Darby Ducks



Local Information 

Florist - Powell Ohio - Special events, weddings and more.