Unique Fall Wreaths

Traditionally, a fall wreath encompasses the colors and overall look of fall. Finding unique fall wreaths is a different story. The same foliage and floral tends to get used over and over again with fall wreaths including shades of red, orange, gold, and brown in maple and oak leaves and other foliage. Those unique fall wreaths, however, will incorporate other colors, flowers, leaves, fruits, gourds, and berries to make them stand out. Darby Creek Trading strives to supply a large selection of fall wreaths including traditional and unique fall wreaths. Our designers work hard every year to put out new designs for the fall season. Included in the designs are a multitude of colors, flowers, and leaves to choose from. Some of the wreaths take on a completely different look and feel, while still remaining in the fall category. Non-traditional fall flowers will be used to make these wreaths stand out over the rest. Even if a flower does not traditionally "bloom" in the fall, the purpose of a fall wreath is to supply beauty and enjoyment for the fall season. 90% of our floral products are made to be botanically accurate and correct and do not stray far from what the flower or leaf looks like in real life.

browse our collection of autumn wreathsWe also offer fall wreaths in two materials - silk (artificial) and dried (natural). The natural fall wreaths are made from dried floral and assembled by hand. The silk fall wreaths are made from all artificial materials, made by hand, and generally last for many seasons in or outdoors. When choosing between a silk and natural wreath, it is important to realize the differences between them. Natural wreaths are more fragile to the touch and the floral will be dried preserved. Silk wreaths tend to look how the floral appears in real life while "living". The silk wreaths will not look like the natural wreaths. They are also a bit sturdier and may be used outdoors. Our unique fall wreaths may be found in both materials offered - so whatever you prefer, you will have plenty of options.