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Wooden Ducks

With an all new collection of wooden ducks you are certain to find the perfect hand carved duck.  These decorative ducks fit perfectly in the den, study, kitchen, living area, or at the office.  Each wooden duck from Darby Creek is hand crafted and each is carved by quality craftsman in the USA.  We have the largest selection of ducks including mallards, canvasback ducks, pintail, red necked, wading blue wing teal duck, wood duck, hooded merganser, bluebills, big marsh mallard, redhead duck, loon ducks and more.  Also, be sure to inquire about our hand carved birds and other waterfowl.


Decorative Ducks

While most of our wooden ducks are classic decoys these carvings are strictly heirloom quality decorative ducks. As decorative ducks, these pieces of art can be displayed anywhere in the home or office.  The attention to detail in both the carving itself and the hand painted finish is unbelievably the nicest detail you will ever find in a truly decorative duck.  Each carved duck is created by master craftsmen who have been outdoor nature lovers for many years and have developed the artistic skills combined with the love of these creatures to bring you a touch of nature to your home.  So when looking for a decorative duck always consider Darby Creek Trading.  The quality is unsurpassed. 


Carved Ducks

We carry both wood carved ducks and composite based carved ducks.  The wooden carved ducks are slightly more expensive because the are extremely labor intensive.  Some folks prefer a composite based duck made from crushed pecan and/or crushed alabaster because more detail in the carving is present because it's simply too difficult to obtain the level of detail in a hand carved piece without charging $1,200 and up.  The carved ducks carried by Darby Creek contain both the wood carvings as well as the composite.  Regardless of which carved duck you choose, all are hand painted and all are extremely high quality. So when looking for wooden ducks, check out our store where you will find the largest collection of decorative wooden ducks available.