Darby Ducks - Antique Cream

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  • 13" Tall Hand Carved - Hand Painted
  • Bamboo Bodies and Teak Head
  • Available Individually or as a Set
  • Designed and Finished in Powell Ohio
  • Limited Edition
  • Available in a set of 3 (save 30%)

Darby Ducks are back!  We've been selling Darby Ducks for over 10 years.  Due to are supply issue these were not available for a few months.  Made of bamboo and teak wood these little guys are a perfect home decor accessory.  These Darby Ducks are unique with its own set of character including knots, varying coloration and grain to give  each Duck its own personality.  Save 30% off list and buy a set of 3. Note:  Each duck is unique and may have different poses than pictured. Not all ducks have name tags - name tags vary.

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