Darby Ducks Rain Suit (set of 3)

Darby Ducks are back!   Special Order - call.   Rain-suits are sold only is sets of 3.  Ducks are not included. We've been selling Darby Ducks for over 10 years.  Due to are supply issue these were not available for a few months.  Made of bamboo and teak wood these little guys are a perfect home decor accessory.  These Darby Ducks are unique with its own set of character including knots, varying coloration and grain to give  each Duck its own personality. 


  • Rainsuit for Darby Ducks
  • Ducks pictured for Illustrative Purposes only.
  • Designed and Finished in Powell Ohio
  • Limited Edition

SKU: DD001-RainSuit

Category: Darby Duck, Figurine

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