Footprints in the Sand by the Ocean - 10" x 15"

SKU: PGD83129

Mounted canvas print on wood base. One night a man dreamed he was walking alongthe beach with the Lord. As scenes of his lifeflashed before him, he noticed that therewere two sets of footprints in the sand.He also noticed at his saddest, lowesttimes there was one set of footprints.This bothered the man and he asked the Lord, "Did you not promise thatif I gave my heart to you that you'dbe with me all the way? Then, whyis tehre only one set of footprintsduring my most troublesom times?"The Lord replied, "My preciouschild, I love you and would neverforsake you. During those timesof trial and suffering when yousee only one set of footprints,it was then I carried you."


  • 10" wide x 15" tall
  • Fine Art Print
  • Mounted on High Density Wood Fiber Board
  • Wall Mount
  • Ready to Hang

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