Grapevine at Harvest


This canvas wrapped print is created using latex inks that are baked into the surface of the media and uv cured creating a lifetime of use indoors (ink certified for up to 200 years indoors).  Optionally, we can print this on a special outdoor canvas designed for outdoor use with a useful life at minimum of 5 years without fading or warping.  Select outdoor use for both outdoor use and high humidify indoor use like bathrooms, garden rooms, etc.

  • Giclee on Canvas
  • Baked on Latex Ink with 100 years life (indoors)
  • 5 years warranty for outdoor use
  • All Hardware included including tamper proof security hardware for outdoor use.
  • Wind, Snow, Sun and Rain Resistant for outdoor use. 

SKU: RA1501

Category: Art

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