How We Create Our Luxury Handmade Wreaths

How We Create Our Luxury Handmade Wreaths

Each season our talented team of experienced designers curate exclusive collections you can only find here at Darby Creek Trading. Our customers know to expect the very best. Something you can’t just pick up at the store for themselves and when gifting.  

 We take pride in creating our permanent floral designs and wreaths with only the best materials. To find the newest and best elements for our designs, we visit markets around the country a few times a year. Sometimes we even partner with vendors to develop unique custom materials just for us. 


Let’s take a look at our popular new fall wreath design, Autumn Enchantment. Like most of our wreaths, this design starts with a natural dried grapevine base. Vines are soaked in warm water to make them more flexible, then coiled into a circular shape. Side branches are then wrapped around all the vines, keeping them tidy and neat. After the vines are completely dry, the base is ready to be transformed into a beautiful wreath.



Our talented senior floral designer Kayla Kennedy used twelve different materials to develop this new fall favorite. The floral elements are cut into many pieces using floral shears and then secured to a grapevine base with glue. Darker foliage including ombre cimicifuga ramosa leaf spray and burgundy eucalyptus make the gold pumpkins and artichokes pop ever so beautifully. 


Each Autumn Enchantment is carefully created by hand with love. Then our fulfillment team takes great care to package and prepare each package to ensure safe arrival. Then our fabulous customers are able to use their new wreaths to adorn walls, doors, or hang over their mantel.



Here is what one of our fabulous customers had to day about her new Autumn Enchantment Wreath:

"Simply gorgeous! I've never purchased from DCT before, so didn't know how the quality and colors would compare to the beauty on my computer screen. Rest assured, you can shop with confidence...colors were spot on and quality exceeded my expectations. I will be a loyal and repeat customer!"

- Lis McDonald, Colorado Springs, CO


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