Wood Carvings - Waterfowl and Ducks

Wood carved mallards duck decoys lead our line of decorative waterfowl that include pintails, wood ducks, blue winged teal, merganser and a variety of waterfowl wood carvings and many more.  We are proud to introduce our new line of hand carved wooden waterfowl. Each of these carvings are carved from eastern pine (USA) and carved & painted by skilled craftsmen with over 20 years' experience. Each of our wood offerings come in life size version and has limited availability. We also offer our hand finished wooden ducks and waterfowl that are individually hand carved and hand cast.

These decorative ducks are hand crafted as well as hand painted which have all been created in the United States. The artists create each waterfowl carving in a realistic life-size detail of a real waterfowl. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if the waterfowl carving is real or not because there are so many fine details. As you might know, these waterfowl carvings make excellent gifts or a home decor accessory for your home or office. Be sure to see our entire collection of wood carvings including our flying waterfowl, Upland Birds, Puddle Ducks, River Ducks, Geese and Loons. Each of these carvings started with a hand carved original by some of America's greatest carvers. Most are hand carved and some are precision cast from poly-wood materials. Each is hand painted.