Our Story

Darby Creek Trading was founded in 2004 in Columbus Ohio. The Big Darby Creek is home to a unique variety of plants & wildlife and has one of the most complex ecological systems in the Midwest. Growing up near Big Darby Creek has inspired us to re-create its majestic beauty and seasonal color palettes. Each season we design and curate exclusive collections of permanent floral designs & wreaths. We also offer an eclectic & lively assortment of wildlife collectibles, nature inspired artwork, and seasonal home decor. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home or for an unforgettable gift, Darby Creek Trading has you covered. We’re always crafting new designs and updating our ever changing assortment of exclusive products. By combining The Big Darby’s inspiration with the most current trends, we can offer you something special that you will treasure for years to come. Welcome to our family!


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      • Email us at sales@darbycreektrading.com

      Darby Creek Trading
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